Do Not Be Afraid of CHANGE


There are many types of change you will encounter in your life, but change in the workplace should not scare a seasoned business professional, especially in sales. Embrace it, hold onto it, and OWN it. 

When a new, C-level executive comes into your client, quickly reach out and offer to give him an outside perspective of the organization. If you were him, what would you do?  Where are problem areas, what silos exist that shouldn’t, where are there inefficiencies, are there people he should be wary of, etc…  Become his trusted advisor and protect the people with whom you’ve built your book of business. In 60 minutes, you can jumpstart his understanding of the organizational politics, history, and current state more so than any of his direct reports. 

You are a powerbroker. You control your partners, your company’s brand with your client, and your actions command respect. You have years invested in your intimate knowledge of your customer and many more years practicing to refine your methodology and business acumen. Act like an executive regardless of your title and change if you must!

Change in your company? Look for areas of growth. Carpe Diem!  Why is the company changing?  Maybe you can be a change agent too and move up the ladder. Stick it out and put your fears aside. Execute and focus on your line of business. Be successful irrespective of everything even if it falls apart around you. 

I love being a Client Executive. I have control over my income and my destiny, and you should own every aspect of your ecosphere. Think there will be a negative impact? Then act. Promote your brand to your new leadership. Simple Sales 101 exercised on your internal organization and away you go on the path to wherever you want to be. 

On a side note, I couldn’t resist the picture of my son where his hair is the only thing with color. It’s too perfect and reminds me of the reason why I pickup and carry a bag every day. 

Good luck and happy selling!


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